Can Orthotics Improve My Athletic Performance?

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, fitness buff, or weekend warrior, you’re no doubt always looking for ways to improve your athletic performance while minimizing your injury risk. Luckily, our team at Wiregrass Podiatry in Enterprise and Dohan, Alabama has some good news: Custom orthotics can help.

Led by Dr. Jennifer Decker, DPM, our team of podiatrists helps active adults with all foot types step up their athletic game while reducing discomfort with custom orthotics. Keep reading to discover more about custom orthotics and what they can do for you.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are special inserts you can slip right into your shoes. Your orthotics correct issues not addressed by one-size-fits-all shoes, such as pain in your feet and structural imbalances or conditions in your feet, ankles, and lower body.

Depending on your needs, orthotic inserts can cover your heel, the front of the foot, or your entire foot. It’s possible to buy orthotics over the counter from a drugstore, but you’ll get the greatest benefit by having our podiatrists fit custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are made especially for your feet, ensuring you get your ideal fit. Dr. Decker and her team can create custom orthotics that specifically address athletic performance issues and any other special needs you have.

Performance benefits of custom orthotics

Even when your feet appear healthy, custom orthotics can still improve your sports performance and correct foot problems caused by exercising. Specifically, orthotics can:

Reduce pain levels

Pain in your feet while exercising can come from subtle imbalances in your feet or lower half of your body, hammertoes and bunions, or calluses, corns, and wounds on your feet. Custom orthotics correct or relieve the problems that cause your pain, improving your performance by enabling you to work out pain-free.

Prevent and help heal injuries

Even when you’re fit and healthy, participating in athletics can put you at risk for additional injuries. Orthotics lower your risk of injuries by correcting foot issues that can cause injuries down the line and help you recover and get back to your activities more quickly if you do get injured.

Minimize fatigue

Lack of stability in your ankles and imbalances in your feet are two of the biggest causes of fatigue while exercising or playing sports. By correcting these issues, orthotics allow you to exert yourself for longer before you become tired.

How to get custom orthotics

To get started with a pair of prescription orthotics that are made perfectly for your feet, make an appointment at Wiregrass Podiatry for a consultation.

If our doctors determine custom orthotics are a good fit for your needs, we will first use cutting-edge equipment to make digital molds of your feet. Our team then sends your digital molds to a lab, which constructs your custom orthotics in 2-3 weeks. We always ensure your orthotics are comfortable, fit well, and meet your needs.

To learn more about getting custom orthotics for better athletic performance or other foot and ankle needs, schedule an appointment at Wiregrass Podiatry. You can schedule over the phone or use our online booking system.

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